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A poem to remind you of your strength. You have survived every single bad day of your life so far and you have the tools to keep surviving - you’re a Warrior. 
When the world is on your shoulders
And your heart feels full of lead
And your stomach churns like butter
And the voice inside your head 
Is reminding you of everything
You’ve ever said or done  
All your failures and regrets 
All the times your fear has won
Take a minute to remember 
That you’ve survived this all before
You’ve battled and you’ve conquered
When you thought you had no more
You are stronger than you realise
You are brave and wise and kind
And you know you’re so much bigger
Than the doubts that fill your mind
So breathe it in then let it out
Allow the ebb and flow
You can win this war, you always do
You’re a warrior you know. 
©️ Laura Ding-Edwards @rainbirdroots 
Available in four different styles on small, medium or large (A5, A4 or A3, measurements in images)

Warrior Poem Print

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